Dashboard Warning Light Definitions Give Your Car a Language

Whether you drive a truck or sedan, you will find dashboard-warning lights carry a ton of information about your car. The smartest way to catch problems going on with your car is with dashboard signals. Without them, the vehicle may become damaged and require repair. Some dashboard signals lights are designed for everyday use. They are significant but not alarming. The others only show when things get out of whack and require a careful look. Everyday Lights:
  • Check engine – look at the car. It could be anything. Take it to the dealer.
  • Seat belt – use seat belt notice
  • Windshield – fluid might be empty
  • Gas – running low on fuel
  • Tire – check air
  • Service – scheduled maintenance
Critical Dashboard Lights:
  • Temperature – car too hot
  • Brake – check fluid or brakes damaged.
  • Oil – check fluid
  • Battery – replace or check connections
Do not blow the chance dashboard warning lights offer, if they come on. Take your vehicle to Bonham Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram so you do not have major car trouble.
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