As You Get Ready for a New Season, Be Sure to Get Your Car Ready, Too!

Most of us in the Bonham area see the calendar roll over from summer to fall and think of those seasonal tasks that come up at this time of year. Maybe yard furniture and tools will be put away soon, and our clothes for fall and winter will appear in place of what we wore this summer. As you prepare for the change of seasons, it’s important to remember that your car may need some seasonal preparation as well.

Autumn – and the winter that follows – may be the hardest days for your car’s rubber components such as engine belts and hoses. Modern radiator and heater hoses, as well as the engine belts that may drive your alternator and other key accessories, are so durable that many drivers forget about them completely. Ignored too long, however, a blown hose or broken drive belt can leave you stranded on the shoulder, maybe a long way from home or the nearest mechanic.

You can head off belt or hose trouble with a quick stop at Bonham Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, where we can inspect all your car’s systems, replace any worn components, and keep you safe on the road through the coming fall and winter. Call for an appointment!
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