Keeping the Pets Safe While Travelling

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Some people prefer traveling with friends during road trips, and others prefer traveling with pets. To ensure that the pets are safe during traveling, it is necessary to consider these preparations;
• Vaccination- This is to prevent any diseases along the trip
• Identification- This includes using collars, tags, microchips or tattoos. They will make it easier to identify the pet in case it gets lost in unfamiliar territory.
• The vehicle should have enough ventilation to allow efficient air circulation. This will ensure that the air is fresh hence allowing comfortability of the pet. The pet should not be allowed to stick their head out of an open window.
• Consider the size and space of the car. Large vehicles such as SUV are suggested, especially for installing travel crates. • Enable the dog to familiarize with the car often by going on short trips before taking a long trip. Also, don’t travel with the pet on an empty stomach.
• Consider carrying toys to keep the pet busy.
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